NO SLOGAN: Obreros al Poder: 7” EP

Mar 23, 2007

Okay, no foolin’, these guys are getting really fucking good. While I’ve had a bit of a soft spot for ’em since I first heard ’em a couple of years back, they’ve developed the same sense of cohesiveness that Pomona locals Manson Youth demonstrated on their classic EP way back when. The songs are fast, tight, and almost flawlessly delivered (there’s GOT to be a flubbed riff buried in there somewhere), the lyrics are topical without being preachy, personal without being obscure. With this EP I’m officially a full-fledged fan, which means if they up and call it a day before managing to put out a full-length, I’m gonna hafta hop a plane to Chicago and utilize a little old school East Los Chicano-punk “reasoning” to get ’em to rethink that decision. Buy many and play ’em often, kids.

 –jimmy (