NO SLOGAN: Aversion Therapy: LP

Apr 27, 2009

Please allow me a moment a full-on fan-geek moment here, ‘cause truth be told, I saved listening to this until dead last. I didn’t do this because I was afraid it was gonna suck, but because I knew it was gonna be something truly special, and I was sure I was gonna need something to end things on an up note after some of the heinous stuff that was buried in the selections I strapped myself with this review cycle. This is one of my favorite bands currently making the rounds, but I was not remotely prepared for how good it was actually is. Dig catchy, no-frills hardcore from a band with just enough melodic sense to cram crazy hooks into the tunes they’re flailing away on? You got ’em. Prefer a more Naked Raygun-esque mid-tempo attack with said hooks infused with just a little off-kilter influences to give ’em a little tweak? Check. Are you just looking for a 12” slab of hit-encrusted vinyl that recalls the best of ‘80s punk rock without being saddled with all the annoying nostalgia? There are eleven tracks of prime punk fodder here for the taking that will shut the yap of the noisiest “I miss when punk was punk” whiner on your block, boyo. I’ve been listening to these guys consistently up the ante from one EP to the next and figured they’d have a helluva time surpassing their Killed by Gentrification EP, but this, their first full-length, is hands down their best effort yet, one that deserves to be among the most treasured items in your record collection and played incessantly. Dunno how many copies are out there, but I suggest you buy in bulk as soon as you can ’cause this is destined to be considered a classic in no time. Fuck yeah, I’m gushing, and I dare you to listen to this and manage not to do the same.

 –jimmy ([email protected])