NO SIR I WON’T: The Door: LP

Nov 13, 2013

There’s nothing like wearing your influences on your sleeve… or in your name. I guessed this was going to sound like Crass, and boy was I right. I mean that in the best possible, driving-anarcho punk way, not the annoying squawking lady or the shit hippy overtones. To be honest, while the Crass label is an easy one, I think they have more in common with Conflict who carried a similar message with a more straight ahead musical style. This is powerful anarcho punk with a message that I wholeheartedly subscribed to as a youth. I signed up to the anarcho punk dogma as a teen in the ‘80s and, to be honest, much of the overly simplistic, trite lyrics about the threat of war, the system being shit, and animals being good really shaped what I have become. This is Dan from Surrender’s new band, which makes total sense, as this is a harder and faster continuation of that band. Can’t say I wholly subscribe to the anarcho dogma anymore, but I can dig it.

 –Tim Brooks (Framework,