NO RESPECT: Tunes of Decline: CD

Sep 22, 2009

Anyone who knows me can heartily attest to the fact that I utterly detest ska with a murderously ragin' passion. With that said, I now robustly belch, cut loose with a rattlin' machine-gun's array of farts, vigorously scratch my testicles, and then impatiently sigh. I mean no disrespect to my German brethren in No Respect, because their songs are indeed catchy as fuck and rhythmically well-structured, the lyrics are politically thought-provoking and poignant, and they're all proficiently skilled musicians... but I can't stomach ska any more than I can a snailshit-encrusted souffle! Damn, if it wasn't for the fruity rooty-toot-toot horns, No Respect would have me hammerlocked and hooked like a motherfucker... alas, ska can kiss my ass! A hilarious lil' afterthought, though: if ever I were to form a ska band, I'd call it Ska-Na-Na, and we'd play nothin' but revamped horn-enshrouded rock'n'roll oldies... wheeeee, and hahaha!

 –guest (Mad Butcher)

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