NO PROBLEM: Already Dead: LP

Some people like to keep the food on their plate separate. God forbid that any corn touch the greens! The mashed potatoes must never coat the meat! No Problem might put-off these picky purists as they haphazardly blend together influences from the culinary spectrum that is hardcore punk. Each song utilizes distinct ingredients—equal parts reverential and forward-thinking—keeping the LP fresh and engaging. After the appropriately gloomy intro, No Problem sprint into ‘80s style hardcore à la the Zero Boys. “Different Shades of Grey” slows down a bit for some surprisingly effective power pop, while “Help Wanted” screams circle pit street punk. It should come as no surprise that “We Got Secrets” sounds like The Germs. If the band wasn’t already throwback enough, their logo is a moshy stick figure dude nearly identical to D.R.I.’s. Sure, there are some less savory moments. For example, “The Controller” bursts into a “woah oh” chorus that would make Pennywise blush, but there’s a lot more right here than wrong. It’s an aural buffet of hardcore delicacies for adventurous types who aren’t afraid to mix up their meals. 

 –Sean Arenas (Deranged)