Super f’n blown-out stuff here. It’s as though they hit the studio and cranked everything up as loud as it could go. If you like White Guilt, Yodokai, and bands of that nature, then you’ll like No Power. Distortion forever. It sounds like the guitars are being played and flayed with jagged shards of metal, whereas the vocals are recorded in a large, empty warehouse (such as the song “Soundwave”), and the drums are akin to small explosions just powerful enough blow out chunks of wall and pavement. The sound is pushed into the red and hurled at a reckless speed that eventually collects and washes out into a void. Passive listens and all you’re going to hear is a wall of white noise. But if you take the time, you’ll hear the song underneath, revealing its changes along with the percussion and low end that give it all definition. Ears are ringing!

 –M.Avrg (Self Aware,, Inkblot, [email protected])