NO PLACE FOR A VACATION: $3, 5” x 8 ½”, copied, 78pgs.

Mar 19, 2015

Going into this zine, I was a little scared. It’s thick—and from what I could tell skimming through the first/last couple of pages—was that it was about Israel. The zines on my bookshelf are a far cry from politics, typically, and I hesitated before diving into this. To my surprise, it didn’t strike me as a politically heavy zine. The author, Andru Okun, was a New Orleans resident down on his luck who decided to go on Birthright because it literally took him out of the situation he was living in, even if it was just a ten-day tour. This is a solid autobiographical odyssey and deconstruction of the way the Middle East is perceived. This zine isn’t scary at all; it was really quite beautiful and sometimes sad. That’s just one way the world works. –Simon Sotelo (Andru Okun, [email protected])