NO ONE’S VICTIM: Just Another Young Punk Band: 7”

Sep 18, 2001

I usually like to start on the second side of any release that has two sides. It gives me a good impression of what a band sounds like on the average. You figure that most bands will put their strongest song as the first track. My theory being that it is your only chance to catch the listener’s attention. These guys started off well with their cover of Infa Riot’s “Emergency.” It was true to the original and was not a disgrace. The second track on side two was a bit formulaic, new decade street punk with the over used “Oi, Oi...” Hearing Americans chant “Oi” has not grasped me as being genuine. It is a English working class anthem and slang that doesn’t belong being sung by Americans who don’t go through the same struggles because our culture is different. Also, it doesn’t sound right without the Cockney accent. Now off to side one. It’s time to talk a little shit. I am experienced at it since I shit everyday like clock work and have been doing it for more than 30 years. If I don’t take a shit at least once during the day, I know my body is fucked up. Based on the title and the title of the first track, there is a contradiction already in place. The title of the song is “77.” If they are truly just another young punk band or at least 24 years of age they were born around the year of the title. So how can they sing about it? Are they really old enough to have experienced it? Plagiarize what others have wrote? Second track, “Working Class Hero.” Based on their age, who are their heroes. Mom and Dad? Their relatives or friends’ parents? I don’t know if their intentions are right. It just doesn’t come off as original or sincere to me. I say go back to the garage and create something new that will excite the rest of us, but don’t come and try to recreate a sound that you really can’t understand because you haven’t lived it. To end this, they aren’t half bad.

 –don (Radio)

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