NO NO ZERO: Rough Stuff: LP

Dec 13, 2007

Given the primo packaging on this thing (it came with two really nice silkscreens, and the cover features a rad ink drawing of a monkey and leopard about to kick the shit out of each other) I was a little surprised to find an entire album lyrically devoted to extensive assplay and jizzing on ‘70s European porn stars. It’s all done in a kind of garage/ surf hybrid, fronted by a dude who’s trying pretty hard at sounding like Lux Interior. There’s the occasional stand-up bass and vibraphone, which adds an almost ‘60s psychedelic twang to things. So if that sounds interesting, and you’re stoked to have finally found a band that’s written songs called “Taco Wagon,” “Ass Commando,” and “Why Won’t You Let Me Fuck You?” then I’ve got a record I’d be happy to give you. Call before you come over.

 –keith (Folk Brand)