NO MEANS NO: The People’s Choice: CD

Feb 28, 2008

Another band I’ve always loved but have never broken down and actually bought anything by (I have no credible excuse. I suck and I know it.) get the “best of” treatment here. For the uninitiated, this is one of Canada’s treasures, a hardcore band for the musically literate, meaning that while they can thrash it up with the best of ‘em, they do it with an amazing level of technical precision and songwriting complexity. By no means should this be taken to mean that they are a one trick pony, for in addition to the aforementioned moments of angry brilliance, the listener also gets for his buck smart pop and art damaged noise to serve up as the featured music at the next summer barbecue. All their best tunes are represented, from “Sex Mad,” to “Theresa, Give Me that Knife” to “The Day Everything Became Nothing” to “Dad,” so interested parties who would like to dip their toes rather than throwing caution to the wind and jumping right in are recommended to wade around in this for a spell. In short, this is most definitely worthy of your “must buy” list.

 –jimmy (AntAcidAudio)

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