A while back I received the LP by England’s No Marks and was really into them. They play a melodic style with lots of guitar parts that reminded me of Leatherface. Well, they’re back and this time they’ve brought their pals Spoiler on a split 7” endeavor. The No Marks play upbeat melodic punk with solid production. The singer sounds a lot like the singer from Whatever… (amazing ‘90s Cleveland punk band that is hard to Google search). That is a good thing. On the flip is Spoiler who instantly made me think of Snuff. That faded when the vocals kicked in, mainly because I don’t imagine there is anyone else out there who sounds quite like Duncan Redmonds. This is some great, fun poppy punk action. All in all, a good release from a couple of bands that are doing a great job at what they do. I always look forward to hearing more. 

 –Ty Stranglehold (Brassneck,