NO MARKS, THE: Light of One: LP/CD

I love it when I put on a new album and from the first few seconds I know it’s one I’m going to obsess over. Light of One is one of those records, as opening track “16 Questions” wastes no time in providing me with that instant reaction. There is no preamble as it hits full speed immediately with what sounds like a waterfall of guitars raining down around me and a melody that hooks me in with the promise of much enjoyment to follow. Light of One has a joie de vivre about it with The No Marks racing through fourteen songs, each one being led front and center by a twin guitar attack that doesn’t relent—all the time delivering a beautifully toned sound that, despite being loud, doesn’t get in the way of the rest of the band. All of those qualities remind me of The Senseless Things, Mega City Four, and The Cateran, a few of many bands that had the ability to knock me sideways with such an uplifting approach. At a minimum, this is the best debut album I’ve heard in 2014 but it might also just edge into my general top ten for the year.

 –Rich Cocksedge (Brassneck, / Waterslide, [email protected],