NO LESS: Le$$on$ 93-98: CD

Aug 29, 2006

Anytime a band mixes things up musically, they usually create an audio document that is not easily palatable to the senses. Following the demise of Plutocracy, these bay area misfits took the formula of mixing genres a step further. Taking punk, metal, grindcore, and adding samples and noise, they redefined the shape of making noise. I believe this a discography of sorts since I’m not familiar with the band. What I do know is this is manic like a pounding headache. The slow parts are really slow and the fast parts hit record speeds. The lyrics were simplistic but the music is the key here. They found their magic and had a uniqueness that cannot be denied. As irritating as this can be when not paying attention, upon further inspection, something should grab you if you are open-minded.

 –don (Push Down and Turn)

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