NO FRIENDS: Self-titled: LP

Nov 22, 2009

I recently had the distinct pleasure of making Tony Foresta’s acquaintance at a rad punk bar in Cologne, Germany, which resulted in a night of peppermint-flavored shots, comparing RKL hoodies, and nerdy punk rock chats. It’s evident in Municipal Waste’s songs that there’s a significant punk rock element to their songwriting, particularly in Tony’s vocal delivery, but I guess it never occurred to me that Tony is first and foremost a punk rocker. No Friends, featuring Tony on vocals and the cats from New Mexican Disaster Squad backing him up, makes it entirely apparent that Foresta grew up on a steady diet of American hardcore. It’s not unusual then, that this LP is a far cry from The Waste’s thrash assault. NMDS comparisons are inevitable, but an abundance of Descendents-style melodies and a dark-yet-poppy overall feel reminiscent of mid-period JFA or TSOL presents something entirely new for all the dudes in this band. The most noticeable change is Foresta’s vocal range. Known for his quick, machine-gun thrash delivery, No Friends finds Tony singing with plenty of style and melody. This is a surprising and totally memorable first LP by these dudes. Hopefully it’s not a one-off thing. Killer.

 –Dave William (No Idea)