NO FRIENDS #2: $6.50, 5½” x 8½”, newsprint, 120 pgs

Apr 28, 2016

DIY, zine-inspired, radical, volunteer-run magazine No Friends gave me a lot of similar vibes to Maximum Rock’n’rolland this very periodical you’re holding right now. Built on DIY ethics and a love of zine culture, No Friends features interviews with bands, album and zine reviews, live music photography, and short essays. What stood out to me, however, were the interviews with W. Kamau Bell and Red Light Legal. Having an interview with a comedian and a pro-bono legal service that specializes in the rights of sex workers was a really wonderful expansion on showing that radical culture can exist outside of the music scene. The magazine strives to include a wide variety of DIY culture and radical issues, and each issue of this Chicago-based magazine includes a flexi record with tracks not available online for immediate download, so you have to get the zine to get the music! I now have another punk periodical to add to my collection! (No Friends,, [email protected], PO Box 12343, Chicago, IL, 60612)