NO FRIENDS #0: $?, 5½” x 8½ ”, 42 pgs.

Sep 22, 2015

No. 0 is a teaser. Proof of life. Like a letter sent to us with a chopped finger attached. Two heartfelt intros by its creators Ray Martinez (aka Suburbia) and Jim Zajackowski kick things off, explaining that they are just trying to make shit work! Building a DIY zine from the ground up isn’t easy, especially with some big goals set out by Ray. Setbacks like busted-up knees and cracked skulls have kept No Friends from a robust launch, so #0 is proof that shit is in the works, and things are getting done. Snippets are included from upcoming interviews from punk heavyweight Martin Sorrondeguy, artist/composer Disasterpiece, comedian Kyle Kinane, Lynn Breedlove talking about her company Homobiles (which is a LGBTIGQQ Uber of sorts), Midwest band Slugbugs, Mallorca band Trance (in both English and Spanish), and reviews that will be published in zines 1-3. Try saying that in one breath. I mean, it’s a diverse range of DIY punk in all its forms: music, art, politics, comedy, zines, you name it. No Friends are trying to run that extra mile, even if it kills them. Will it? Waiting for No Friends No.1! –Camylle Reynolds (No Friends, PO Box 12343, Chicago, IL, 60612)