NO FRAUD: Revolt! – 1984 Demos: LP

May 06, 2015

No Fraud were/are a hardcore band from Venice, Florida. Though they’ve apparently been around for quite a spell and penned quite a few releases, I freely admit that my only exposure to them prior to this was their 1985 debut EP, which was a blistering, glorious slab of spastic thrash. That sound is all over the tracks here, recorded in a “party like” atmosphere, according to the included brief liner notes. The tunes zip right on by nice ‘n’ tight, only occasionally slowing down before zipping off on another tear. Why this stuff wasn’t issued back then is a question for the ages. I know record distribution was tight back then, but this shit is so fuggin’ great it would’ve easily burned a path through the tape trader circuit in short order. One can only be glad it’s making the rounds now, and a little sad, I guess, that so much of its lyrical content remains painfully relevant thirty-one years later. Crucial listening most definitely found here. 

 –jimmy (Six Weeks,

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