NO FAITH: Dead Weight: 7” EP

Mar 17, 2015

The EP begins with a low-end grumbling cycle looping over and over, punctuated with a high-pitched tone. Guttural Justin K. Broderick-style barking is buried deep underneath it. That leads into five impressive fast/slow, start/stop, humorless powerviolence rippers with pulverizing percussion. The same JKB-style vox are pervasive throughout, though there is a second vocalist who unleashes his ferocious yell from time to time. The front is rounded out with another loop with those guttural vocals eerily low in the mix. The EP’s eponymous track fills out the other side. As its title implies, it sludges quite a bit, right before it ascends into a short, explosive blast, and then returns to the sludge and drones out. Good stuff. 

 –Vincent (Clean Plate /

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