NO DECENCY: This is the Reason: CD

Nov 30, 2009

It’d be very easy for me to simply slag this off on the myriad things I don’t like about it, chiefly the flat sound mix resulting in drowned out guitars and drums that sound like cardboard boxes, not to mention the dashes of emo and pop punk embedded in the tunes themselves, but it’s damn hard not to appreciate the obvious effort the band has put into the music they crank out. Not merely some Color-Forms equivalent of the punk success formula here, some thought went into the structure of the songs, and the lyrics are articulate and not excessively whiny. This says nothing of the fact that, as far as execution is concerned, these guys are ON IT, switching tempos and stopping on a dime with ease. So this breaks down to a matter of personal taste; this ain’t my cup of tea, but I can definitely appreciate the work they’ve put in and can see them rightfully garnering oodles of fans.

 –jimmy (Destroy All)