NO CONNECTION: Second to None: 7”

Mar 03, 2009

The cover of this slab is pretty neat. It has a drawing of the four members of the band running (or maybe circle pitting?) in the background and a stressed-out nun in the foreground, who is clenching her fist and teeth. Maybe they’re about to bum rush the nun from behind. I’m not quite sure. Anyhow, it looks like some fun hardcore punk. Upon pulling this from the bin, I was informed (by Daryl) that the I Object vocalist sings for this band. I haven’t listened to too much I Object, but, from what I have heard, No Connection is pretty different. NC is female-fronted melodic pop punk without being overly melodic or too pop. A Discount comparison seems unavoidable, but Barb (NC’s vocalist) is a bit harder sounding than Allison Mosshart (formerly of Discount). The insert includes brief explanations of the songs, which is kinda all right. The lyrics are good, dealing with various topics such as the metaphysics of love, the sex industry, stem cell research, and four other subjects. All things considered, this is a great seven-song EP. Just turn it up because it’s mastered kinda low, and, well, you should listen to this loudly anyhow.

 –Vincent (Barbarossa, Nothing Solid, Redhead, Successful Sex #1)