NO COAST: “Don’t Be Gramps” b/w “Kick Out the Hamms”: 7”

Pretty cool rock’n’roll. Reminds me of The Reigning Sound. Despite the goofy song titles, these aren’t goofy songs. Good playing, good melodies, good songs. This is stickered as “Record Store Day – Limited Edition,” with my copy being #4 out of 100, which is a shame. Though I like the concept of RSD in principle, it seems that most RSD releases are either overpriced reissues or under-pressed gems. This record falls into the latter category. We record store regulars don’t need your colored vinyl, limited edition bullshit, but we do need your quality rock’n’roll records available to everyone. I got lucky with this 7”. I concur, kick out the Hamm’s, and gimme an Anchor! 

 –Chad Williams (Glory Hole)