Sep 06, 2012

Picks up where their first LP left off. The songs are thrashing and tense with some stop go parts, quick tempo changes, and some noisy parts that make their presence known here more than before. You can hear the band starting to push at the boundaries of their sound and see where they can take it. “That’s Just You...” has a noisy middle with some voice overs muttering in the din, and the results are okay. But I think they have the ability to do much better. They seamlessly transition into the rager “Burning Bridges” which cranks the energy to the red. And then they end the song with just a guitar hitting notes and letting them float into the air and fade away. Actually very cool and a nice switch. Totally changes the mood of the record for a brief moment from anger to somber. “Let Down,” which closes the record, is the definite standout. A bit speedy, with some avalanche-style percussion that sends the song over the edge. Interested to see what these guys have planned next. This is pretty damn good.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged,