NO CHOICE: Dry River Fishing: CD

Aug 11, 2009

When you first look at this CD, you think, “Oh great, another pop punk band.” But on further inspection, you see this is the original early ‘80s Brit punk band that had an EP on RiotCity. My first thoughts are that another old band is jumping back on the bandwagon, but this band’s notoriety was pretty limited to their first single. They had a song from that single on the Riot City Punk Singles Collection CD that came out in the early ‘90s and they were on the Have a Rotten Christmas Volume Two comp LP that I have seen at my brother’s house. There’ve been no patches or t-shirts to really keep their name going after all these years. So it looks like they are banging it out for the true love of playing. The first thing I noticed was that they have progressed musically from their first 7”. The sound I hear is a mixture of Goober Patrol mixed with Consumed on the UK side, and I hear a Pegboy meets Hüsker Dü meets modern day Hot Water Music, if you need a reference using bands from the states. Lyrically, they have not strayed from the issue-related lyrics of the past, yet have further progressed them with more thought and introspect. The old guys can still bang out a tune. No sooner are you ready to throw a CD into the bag that you take to the record store for trade, you find that needle in the haystack.

 –don (No Idea)

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