NO CHOICE: Anaesthetize This!: CD

Apr 27, 2009

This is the latest release from a band that was part of the RiotCity stable of bands back in the early ‘80s, and a doozy it is. While the name of their former label might bring to mind the political thrash of bands like Vice Squad and noisemongers Disorder, what we have here is an entirely different beast. Though they do kick into overdrive when the mood arises, the music occasionally falls more in line with post-Hüsker bands like Leatherface, with fine use being made of dual guitars, horns, and the occasional quiet, even acoustic bit thrown in. The lyrics are intelligent, thought provoking, dense, and address direct resistance to the current social order with a sincerity that is too often non-existent in this era of punk-as-career-move. Most importantly, the songs are so passionately delivered and, frankly, so good, it’s hard to believe they’re staring into the face of their third decade as a band. Destined to be looked at as one of modern-era punk’s bright spot, virtually devoid of any pandering to what’s been, and focusing attention instead on what’s now in the hopes of affecting what may be to come. I respectfully tip my hat to ’em.

 –jimmy (No Idea)