NO BABIES: Yo No Soy Como Tú: 7” EP

Sep 23, 2014

I tend to like just about everything these guys have done. Jasmine from Neo-Cons is now on vocals, but that may be old news to some of you. Despite the change in lineup, there really are no traces of hardcore punk here. This is no wave-damaged stuff that is in a tug of war with free jazz and Teenage Jesus And The Jerks (and I hear a little Noh Mercy in “In the Great West”). Erratic (or are they?) rhythms, guitars pulling and pushing, a sax that skronks and sometimes sounds mournful (like in the song “Your Lies”), and vocals that are hyper urgent as though the fate of the world lies in her hands. This record is a little restrained compared to the other outings, but they still are capable of pushing out into the further reaches and coming back with something interesting and attention grabbing. The previously mentioned “In the Great West” sounds a little like Noh Mercy crossed with Bow Wow Wow, run through the NYC 1980-something art scene blender, and spiced with the now. “One Size Fits All” recalls the manic energy of their previous outings and live show (which has to be seen!).

 –M.Avrg (Gilgongo)

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