(NO) APOLOGIES PROJECT, THE: Deconstruct the Dancefloor: CD

Jul 01, 2003

Occasionally when you're in a band, one of the members comes up with an incredibly stupid idea to incorporate rap into said band's repertoire. Occasionally, the member who volunteers such an idea deserves a serious beat down from his bandmates, 'cause adding rap to the sound will only result in public humiliation from your so-called friends and some embarrassed head-shaking as soon as the album hits the stands and all them bong hits that facilitated such thought processes in the first place wear off. This is one such instance. Hope whoever in the band came up with the idea was left a bloody mess, 'cause, frankly, this is one pretty bad listen. Fuck, I'm not even in the band and I'm pretty embarrassed for 'em.

 –jimmy (Coptercrash)

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