NITZ, THE: Necromania: CD

Jul 11, 2007

If these Nitz aren’t already used to hearing themselves being compared to the Dwarves and Zeke, they better get used to it quick. Like those two bands, the Nitz play songs like a halfwit autistic kid bashing the guts out of a cat with a meat tenderizer. Their music comes rushing out your speakers like some apoplectic gorilla gone apeshit and you can only hop on its back and hold on for dear life or be trampled into a pile of goo. Sure, some nay-sayers are probably going to say the Nitz are shamelessly ripping off Dwarves/Zeke riffs right out in broad daylight and that they should rightfully consider renaming themselves “Dweke.” And they might be right. In fact, if you told me this was a top secret Blag Dahlia/Marky Feltchtone side project, I’d believe it. But who cares? When you’ve got full-bore adrenaline music this pure, who gives a fuck where it comes from? This pleases me well.

 –aphid (Reptilian)

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