NITAD: Ibland Kam Man Inte Hindra Sig Sjalv: CD

Jan 14, 2009

Crank this up and kick some furniture over. Raging hardcore from Sweden with a massive dose of rock to make this blaze out of control. Nitad are loud, in your face, and it’s a great thing. The songs are fast paced, the rhythm section rumbles, guitars are loud, slightly jangly, and the singer bellows. Nitad are easily one of the best bands going these days, and this collection is a must-have. Think I’m kidding? Get this and hear for yourself. Then send me a thank you note care of Razorcake for hepping you to this chunk of auditory awesomeness. This disc also collects their Varlden Måsten Do EP, material from the split with Kvoteringen, Ge Oss Mer EP, a comp track, and the 2006 demo.

 –M.Avrg (Kranium)