NINJA GUN: Roman Nose: LP

Mar 26, 2012

What used to be a beautiful twist on punk, country music is now a weak, lily-livered album with no balls. I want to say this is the best thing I’ve ever heard because I know the band has it in them to put out some amazing stuff, but it comes down to heart—or lack of heart—should I say. Maybe it’s a bleeding heart and that’s why it sounds so sappy. Their last album, Restless Rubes, was great, but the entire thing was completely overproduced, which made it difficult to listen to. The beautiful human element that is Ninja Gun was erased and we were left with bland songs tucked into a beautiful record cover. This current release of songs may be nice to listen to in person, sitting in old lawn chairs on a southern night, but it isn’t translating nicely into vinyl due to the overproduction. I’ve had one person disagree with me on this and say it was their best work, but many others found this record to be boring and didn’t even recognize that it was Ninja Gun I was playing for them. If only the songs were recorded at a live performance. Get their first album if you are interested in learning about this band because it is truly their best recording. Bands evolve and it can be interesting to be a spectator, but, in some cases, it just saddens the listener because they lose something they held dear. I’m not sure Ninja Gun will ever be able to put out something as solid and honest as their first record. Although I do appreciate the hours of creative energy they have spent in a recording studio making their songs the best they can, someone should let them know that their organic sound is what makes them so wonderful. –Dan Glenn Fury

 –guest (Sabot Productions)

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