NINE GALLONS #2: By Susie Cagle, $?? By Gary

Jun 03, 2011

Nine Gallons is a cool little book about someone trying to make a difference. I don’t subscribe to dumpster diving for my food, but I do see the problem with producing so much food that it has to be thrown out before it really is bad. It’s just the fact that in a trash dumpster there are so many other problems going on there. This book, however, is a collection of true stories of those in the Bay Area who subscribe to combating that wasteful thinking and are trying hard to combat it against insurmountable odds. This book will and should brighten your day and make you think. (Microcosm, 222 S Rogers St., Bloomington, IN 47404, HQ Store 636 SE 11th St Portland OR 97214,,, [email protected])