NIHILISTICS: Self-titled: LP

Jul 21, 2009

This is how re-issues should be. Not only does it sound great, there's a full zine-like insert covering the band, re-running zine interviews and clippings, printing all the lyrics, and giving you a ton of pictures to look at. Originally released in '83, it's hard not to place NYC's Nihilistics in the same on-fire field as The Necros, Negative Approach, and Heart Attack: dark, aggressive, assaultive, no-compromise hardcore deep from the throats and from the hands of people who probably really don't like you. In a roundabout way, I can also see a line between these guys and OC's Bonecrusher; working class, hard-hitting anthems by people you really believe don't fit in and work hard, not just cop a style in the hopes of getting rich. They're also extremely smart. In '83 they pointed out, in no uncertain terms, that war is welfare for the rich. Articulate in a very direct way. Definitely recommended. A pure document of a band that lived by its own rules. Excellent.

 –todd (Mad At The World)