Mar 05, 2010

The first song sort of sounds like the Mo-Dettes singing sad lullabies written by Guided by Voices, the second song is an acoustic folk tune involving people who “wait for wars in threes and fours,” which is kind of a neat line, whatever the hell it means, and the third song sounds like something for which i lack meaningful points of reference. After a few spins i became mildly smitten by this 45, thus—tragically—jettisoned all the snarky wisecracks i had devised earlier. Alas. BEST SONG: “Belle” BEST SONG TITLE: Would you believe “Underwater?” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “This record is dedicated to Zach’s dog, Belle.” Please hold for one moment whilst i try to dig my snarky wisecracks back up.

 –norb (Let's Pretend)