NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE: Claustrophobic: 7”EP

Oct 02, 2008

Wire brush. Powdered bleach. Scrub, scrub, scrub the concrete. Hose it off. Stain still there? Grit teeth. Repeat. When the stains you’re dealing with are government control, general complacency, assholeishness, realizing that the world sucks in the long term and there’s little you can do to change it, the wire brush and powdered bleach of straight-ahead old-fashioned hardcore is as good an antidote as any. The stains’ll always be there and new ones will find their ways into you life; sometimes it’s just fighting them—even if they’re stronger and more persistent than you—is all that matters. In a Negative Approach, SSD, Void way, I mean. Not bad, Nightstick Justice. Not bad.

 –todd (Grave Mistake)

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