May 08, 2013

My pal George and I were lucky enough to catch the Nightmare Boyzzz for the first time this last March, on a multi-billed gig with Los Vigilantes at a warehouse show out in the SouthBay here in Los Angeles. Motherfucker! I know our own Todd here at HQ had reviewed something they did not too long ago, but why the hell haven’t I ever checked this band out the last two years they’ve been at it?! Without a doubt, thee best band happening out of Alabama as we speak (Muscle Shoals, to be exact). Imagine if Radio Birdman and The Marked Men had bastard children that were raised by The Beach Boys, and instead of sending the little heathens off to summer camp, The Beach Boys would ship them off to their Uncle Johnny, Joey, Dee Dee, and Tommy’s house for the summer. Well, those same little heathens have grown up and are now the Nightmare Boyzzz. My favorite “Surprise, Dale! You big fuckin’ dummy!” band of the year so far and I can’t recommend ‘em highly enough. Oh, that other band on the split? The folks at Fat Sandwich really should’ve tossed those two throwaway tracks so the Nightmare Boyzzz could’ve pressed more than just “My Body Breaks Down” and “Devil III.” Nab this and anything else the ‘Boyzzz have available. Immediately.

 –dale (Fat Sandwich,