Here’s the deal; with a band name like The Night Stalkers it’s a pretty safe bet they’re not offering up some profound thoughts on politics or life in general. If you expect snot-nosed, offensive punk rock, then you’ve found the right band. The Night Stalkers crank out some nasty hardcore punk with a huge dose of garage in the sound. Lyrically puerile with songs like “Fuck All Night,” “Drug Visions,” “True Punk Fags,” and their theme song—which talks about killing people and watching them die—it’s no mystery what their angle is. I like this tape quite a bit, actually. I like scum bands with scum lyrics. It’s the same reason I’ll read Dennis Cooper or Peter Sotos; I’m fascinated by the dark and degenerate things in this world. Obviously, The Night Stalkers aren’t looking to provide any deep thought or inspection on the darker side of life, they’re just looking to offend and disturb, and I like that. It’s good to get dirty and have the ugly things shoved into your sterile world, to let you know things aren’t going to be “groovy” or nice. Plus, being offensive is fun.

 –M.Avrg (