NIGHT RALLY: Preston Family Crest: CD

Feb 15, 2007

A friend gave me this CD to listen to, saying it was some friends of hers. I never really know what to make of that and then I’ll often feel like I have to lie about what I thought of it, because usually I hate CDs that I get by a band via some friend. That’s not so much the case here although I didn’t really like this album, either. After dozens of listens I feel very much the same way I did the first time I listened to it: indifferent. I’ve tried and tried and while the band’s indie rock sound had some catchy, fun aspects to it, there was also this more serious, ambient part that kind of ran as an undertone throughout the album. That is to say there was lots of distortion and reverb on the guitars. The album is divided in two parts with the first half being eight songs and then a minute of silence before the final seven tracks kick in. Besides one of those weird, avant-garde collaborations you might come across in some college town that will only play at some fucked up coffeehouse, I can’t think of much else to compare Night Rally to. And maybe that’s a good thing after all.

 –kurt (Night Rally)