NIGHT OF THE FANDOM #1: 7” x 8 ½”, 52 pgs.

Apr 08, 2011

A zine born from the New Brunswick area punk scene that features in-depth, interesting interviews with The Ergs! and Hunchback, plus a long write-up of the latest album from The Measure (SA). Otherwise, there’s something different on almost every page: a connect the dots, excerpts from panel discussions on riot grrrl and experimental libraries, a well-drawn and disturbing comic about a woman’s encounter with a kid she used to babysit, and various forms of music geeking. There’s a lot of cooks, but they aren’t spoiling the soup. Everything in here is interesting. Night of the Fandom is a collaborative effort, a testament to the community that it came from, and after reading it, I feel like I understand this corner of the scene’s values and aesthetics. Oh, and they also talk to Bob Camp from Ren and Stimpy. Cool! –CT Terry (Lovecraft Press, 1316 Windsor Rd., Princeton Junction, NJ08550)

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