NIGHT BIRDS: The Other Side of Darkness: LP

Nov 18, 2011

Hitting like a radioactive wave breaking on the post apocalyptic concrete shores of New Jersey, the mutated DNA is strewn about for closer examination. Strands of Dick Dale, Steve Soto, and East Bay Ray are evident... It would appear that they have been steeped in a heavy dose of Richard Matheson, John Carpenter, and the like. The result is a new specimen all together; one that takes on the attributes of the individual strands and creates something that we haven’t seen or heard the likes of before. The stories of the “Paranoid Times” are revealed in all their horrors. Day-to-day survival and routine are interspersed with meditations/hallucinations of the previous world, making for a new perspective not seen before. Prognosis: Night Birds are the soundtrack to this strange new world we live in. Once this is accepted, the transformation will be much easier.

 –ty (Grave Mistake)