NIGHT BIRDS: Mutiny at Muscle Beach: LP/CD

Nov 02, 2015

This record fucking rules! That is what I want to shout from the rooftops until my voice goes hoarse. If making punk music was a competitive sport then the release of Mutiny at Muscle Beach would leave the majority of other bands rolling on the floor, sobbing with envy. Yes, it’s that good. This album offers a barnstorming display of punk rock invigorated by a seemingly endless source of energy. The group hasn’t changed its delivery one iota, with songs remaining short and sharp, the guitar busying itself frantically throughout and Brian Gorsegner’s vocals continuing to be direct and in your face. The record is, however, boosted by the first time use of a producer, which has resulted in a more intense sound without sacrificing the band’s edginess. This is an instant punk rock classic. Forget genres, influences, and comparisons, just bask in the greatness that is Night Birds.   –Rich Cocksedge (Fat Wreck, [email protected],

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