NIGHT BIRDS: Midnight Movies: 7"

Jul 14, 2011

Earlier in the year, I went on a mission to listen to some of the bands I hadn’t heard that would be playing at Chaos In Tejas this year. I found Night Birds’ self titled 7” (on Dirtnap) and was promptly blown away! I loved the trashy surf punk sound that sounded like it was coming straight out of the Hostage Records scene. Throw in some East Bay Ray style twang and I was salivating for more. This platter is serving up my wish and then some. It turns out that not only do Night Birds share similar influences with me, but also my love of B-flicks! The four tracks here are the Birds’ ode to those movies and the sleazy grindhouses that play them. By the time you read this, I’ll have seen them twice in Tejas and will be awaiting the impending LP. Definitely my favorite new (to me) band of the year so far!

 –ty (No Way)