NIGHT BIRDS: Maimed for the Masses: 7”EP

Jul 26, 2013

With the title track, Night Birds add to the storied punk tradition of wrestling songs, dedicating this one to seventeen-time title holder and children’s book author Mick Foley (who’s wrestled under the names Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack). Youtube “Hell in a Cell June, 1998” and see a man almost die. The twist is that the Frankensteinian monster seeks love, understanding. For that to happen, he must self-immolate, make himself more of an outward monster. Night Birds, for all accounts and purposes, are the sonic equivalent of that monster. A monster with a high pain threshold. A monster that can withstand a fall from the top of a cage onto the bare ground. A monster with kicked-in teeth, blood dripping out from embedded tacks across the chest, smiling, leering, wiping the back of its hand, striding to you, foul-breathed. “That the best you got? Keep naming past punk greats and watch ‘em crumple under my bandaged hands.” Today. At the top of the card. Superb four-songer.

 –todd (Fat)