NIGHT BIRDS: Fresh Kills Vol. 1: CD

Sep 23, 2011

Hot damn! If there isn’t one band this year that I just can’t shut up about, it’s Night Birds. A bunch of great singles, a couple of great shows, and I am a fan for life! In case you missed my drooling reviews in previous issues of this very zine, then I’ll give you the lowdown. Some rad dudes from the East Coast decided to get together and play a very Southern California style of beach punk. There are flashes of everything I love in that department. The urgency of Adolescents, the tube rider twang of East Bay Ray, the raw “my beach, my rules” attack of Smogtown (or any number of Hostage Records stable). Through all of this, they manage to sound distinct. Well summer just got a little better because it’s getting too hot to stay cooped up listening to vinyl during the day. Thankfully, all of those shredding singles (and their demo tape) are collected here on a shiny, disposable disc to pop in the deck and head for the beach! This is my soundtrack until the new LP is out this fall!

 –ty (Grave Mistake)