NIGHT BIRDS: Born to Die in Suburbia: LP

Jul 26, 2013

Releasing your second album has got to be a bit nerve racking. Especially if you are Night Birds and you are following up one of the most amazing debuts in recent memory (2011’s The Other Side of Darkness). I can’t think of anyone who disliked it. The problem is, once you’ve released an album that good the world has something to measure you against and that can backfire in a hurry… Unless you are the goddamn Night Birds, who have managed to not only match their stellar debut, but surpass it! Born to Die in Suburbia takes the DNA encoded in the preceding records and injects them with a new vitality strand like some kind of Dr. Moreau-like experiment. The results are breathtaking. From the introductory cover of the theme from Escape from New York, to the album closing “Golden Opportunity” (which happens to be my favorite song on here), the album is damn near flawless. All the things that make Night Birds great are here. The relentless beat, the surf-damaged guitar, and the depraved tales of horror, science fiction, and everyday weirdness, but there is something more. There is a tough urgency that wasn’t there before. It’s an element that pushes the album to the next level. I can’t stop listening to it. Another interesting change in gears is the inclusion of a couple of slower tunes (“Nazi Gold” and “Less the Merrier”). They add a new texture to the album and are perfectly placed. Without a doubt, this will be glued to my stereo for the summer. Night Birds are one of the best damn bands out there playing today.

 –ty (Grave Mistake)