Jul 03, 2009

Full disclosure: It’s difficult to be tough on someone whose review material consists of a CD-Rapparently hand-coated in hot pink paint/nail polish. The 6/24 title looks like it was scratched into the surface with a blunt pen. How endearing is that? Alright, moving past the physical disc and onto the content, Mr. Golden’s forte is ardent, youthful folk punk likely being delivered on a beaten-up acoustic. I’m willing to overlook how off-key his high-pitched vocals can get but the manner in which he frequently tries to fit way too many words into his verses is very distracting. At points, you can just picture saliva gathering in his mouth as he struggles to simultaneously bang on his guitar and keep up with the uncomfortably swift pace he has set for his vocals. Should he learn to draw his breaths out. Plan-It-X fans take note.

 –Reyan (Self-released,