NICE FACE: Mnemonic Device: 7”

Sep 23, 2009

Nice Face has a sound that is a bit arty and slightly experimental. The a-side, “Mnemonic Device,” is hypnotic, echoey, and a bit creepy-sounding—a good tune for late autumn in northern climes. The b-side, “Situation Is Facing Utter Annihilation,” is more straight-up rocking with a very fuzzy sound that made we wonder if this outfit were from Detroit (initial research has revealed nothing in that regard) because they remind me of a version of the Go on amphetamines. Vocals sound like their done through a hummacomb. With my arcane Rocky and Bullwinkle reference complete, so is what appears to be a rather inadequate review. End of transmission.

 –Eric Carlson (Sacred Bones)