NICE BOYS: You Won’t See Me Anymore b/w Lipstick Love: 7"

Jun 29, 2007

Whoo, this is some amazing power pop! There is not even a hint of punk here from this great Portland band—just pure Nick Lowe/the Sweet/the Raspberries-influenced glammy power pop. I’ve seen ‘em live a coupla times now and the Nice Boys are neck deep in great songs. This band just absolutely has everything right, one smash hit after another. Last time they even busted out a Slade cover! They are so far from where other current power pop bands are. They are not drawing from the same well as all the other garage-y power pop bands that have been turning up since Fink N Fifi and the Registrators went that direction. Much deeper stuff here. I’ll bet these dudes know every Dave Edmunds song ever recorded. This is exactly the type of thing I hope to hear when I pick up one of those Screaming Apple albums, but rarely do. Just a phenomenal, instant classic single. Bring on the full length!

 –frame (Discourage)