NICE BOYS, THE: “Very Mary” b/w “Wake Up Girl”: 45

Jan 31, 2008

Liked but did not love the Nice Boys’ album; it seemed to veer into “cool hair rock boys” territory a bit too much for my stoic tastes. I find myself much more intrigued by this 45; the A-side is a sharp, sweet slabbette ((too intentionally un-massive to be rightly called a “slab”)) of US bubblegum, vintage ‘69-‘70 ((i.e., when even bands as marginally “real” as the Monkees or Ohio Express were deemed more trouble than they were worth, and were replaced by cartoon characters or chimpanzees)), satisfactorily melding Archiean song structure with Evolution Revolution-esque drive ((although failing to display much of the chops or polish of either)). The references to “second base” seem mind-blowingly innocuous, which might cause a greater man to ponder whether or not second base is the new first base. Perhaps that hypothesis needs to be field tested extensively? Well, you know me, anything for science. The B-side is marginally more “psychedelic,” veering more towards a Redd Kross direction, which is actually quite fine with me as long as the target date is as close to 1990 as you can get it. Both sides come equipped with some kinda crackly old calliope music at the end. Easy on the bong sauce, Jack. BEST SONG: “Very Mary” BEST SONG TITLE: “Very Mary” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I ordinarily hate the font “Hobo,” but it looks okay here.

 –norb (Green Noise)