NIAGRA & THE HITMEN: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: CD

Jan 13, 2010

Okay, not sure I grasp all the particulars, so forgive me if some of the following info is suspect, but from what I can gather, the bulk of this is comprised of a live recording of a band called the Hitmen performing a set of tunes by another band, Dark Carnival. The latter’s lead singer, Niagra, joined the Hitmen for this live set to honor the legacy of Dark Carnival/Stooges guitarist Ron Asheton, who had a hand in penning all the Dark Carnival and Stooges classics the band performed that night. As can be expected, the songs are heavy with trancelike, primal, and sleaze-infested Stoogeisms, with Niagra and company putting in the requisite work to make this one of the better Detroit punk-related artifacts available.

 –jimmy (Steel Cage)