NEW YORK REL-X, THE: Sold Out of Love: CD

Aug 29, 2006

This female-fronted New York punk band has released an album full of heartbreak and anger. This sentiment is even captured in the cover art, which is an illustration of a big-busted woman covered in blood, tears, and red lipstick. The music is not extremely memorable or special. There are no guitar riffs or choruses that you just can’t get out of your head or fall in love with. Really, it is just standard guitar, bass, and drum that goes in one ear and out the other without any emotional or knee jerk response. But, they have harmonized back up vocals, and lead vocals that are not just screaming in your ear, but singing with attempts at melody. Let me put it this way, I would not go to a show just to see them, but if they were playing in a lineup I wouldn’t gouge my eyes out for having to sit through their set. Consequently, the album is decent and worth a free listen, nevertheless it is not taking a spot among my regular listening rotation of bands such as The Briefs, The Clash, and The Dead Boys.

 –jenny (TKO)

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