NEW WEATHER: Self-titled: CD/LP

Jun 06, 2014

New Weather is a three-piece instrumental, synth-driven act, reminiscent of Crime In Choir, Boards Of Canada, or Kraftwerk. The 1970s and early ‘80s vibe is especially strong throughout the five songs that clock in at thirty minutes. For example, the closing track, “Everything,” had a synth line that I kept expecting to break into Joe Jackson’s 1982 single, “Steppin’ Out.” While I can’t say these songs blew me away, the album’s unique sound—in comparison with most of the guitar-driven music I review—as well as its superb recording quality made it stand out amongst this latest stack of albums I received to review. I wouldn’t mind hearing a full-length album, as this serves well as music to play softly in the background. I can always stand to have more instrumental stuff to play while I write, read, or just drown out the world around me and New Weather’s self-titled EP does that as well as standing on its own as competent electronic music. 

 –kurt (